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Holiday inspired internship

Your dream holiday can change your future! Tenerife in 2017. Then I decided to come back as an Erasmus student to discover Tenerife. I was still amazed by the island so I settled down as a young entrepreneur and I started to work remotely.

We had a wonderful time, and I love to remember for those days when we were on a holiday together. This picture was made at the spectacular Los Gigantes cliffs. The cliffs of the giants, are one of the impressive natural attractions that you must see in Tenerife.

My Story

Dorita Florita Digital Nomad Blog is created to share valuable information, useful tips, and tricks for those who are visiting Tenerife. It serves 3 main topics such as Visit Tenerife, Erasmus Programme, and Digital Nomad.

Besides, it is a fun, inspiring lifestyle blog established by a Hungarian girl in 2020, who is known as La Explora Dora because of her passion for exploring new places around the world.

“After my internship in Tenerife, I was still amazed by the island. I realized that I found my profession and my future at the same time in Tenerife. „

Traveling abroad can bring a different perspective to your life. This website also aims to motivate YOU to dream big and find yourself during your Canarian Adventure.

I came back to Tenerife as a young entrepreneur in 2019. Since then I’m working remotely and living my digital nomad life on the island. „

This is my story about how I became from a holidaymaker an Erasmus student and then an entrepreneur in Tenerife. Feel to free contact me in English, Spanish, and Hungarian in case of further questions. I’m always happy to help you!

Let’s discover Tenerife together!


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Traveling abroad brings a new perspective of yourself and the life around you. Join to my Canarian Adventure and discover more interesting facts about Tenerife and Canary Islands.