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Snow on the Teide

Yes! You can find snow in the winter season on the biggest Canary island, Tenerife.

All year round sunshine

Tenerife is the most popular Canary Island which guarantees sunshine almost all year round for the holidaymakers. Thanks to its favorable location close to the west coast of Africa, temperatures rarely drop below 20 in the winter months too.

Tenerife month by month

Basically, there are 2 main seasons on the island without huge weather differences. The summer season runs from May to October and the winter season is from November to April. During the summer months, Tenerife can get very hot with daily highs of 28°C from June till September and sometimes reaching a boiling 29°C in August. Of course, the North Coast is a little more overcast and windy. In general perfect for those that want to get involved in windsurfing or hiking. The winter months in Tenerife remain pleasantly warm, with daily 20°C and light showers. In the North, things are slightly cooler. At night time, temperatures can lower to around 14°C.

Snow on the Teide

During the winter season, it is possible to see snow on the Mount Teide. The biggest chance for snow in Tenerife is between January and March. Inside the Teide National Park the roads may even be closed because of the snow. It’s because of the bigger turnover and most of the cars don’t have winter tires.

The gorgeous view

The Mount Teide is already a spectacular tourist attraction, but with snow it is even better! Look at this fabulous photo!

Mount Teide in winter season

On the 11th January 20cm/8″ deep snow was reported near the Observatory, which was more than just a little snow, so lot of families decided to see close up. They took advantage of this unique weather and enjoyed it as much as possible. Check out the videos down below!

Enjoying the snow on the Teide

When Teide Peak received its first snowfall in 2021 hundreds of people visited it after opening the accesses. We saw this natural beauty at the end of January, it took us a while to reach and leave the peak because of the traffic. But we didn’t regret it, our pictures and videos speak for themselves.

Remember, when you are planning your next holiday, there is no bad time to visit Tenerife. Moreover, If you are lucky you can see snow on the Teide, after the beach.

Snow on the Teide

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22. 02. 2021.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

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