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"Estamos encantados de tu paso por Conectatec. Has sido una gran compañera y una muy buena trabajadora . ¡Muchas gracias! También por conservar siempre esa sonrisa, templanza y actitud positiva tan maravillosa y cómoda para cuantos compartimos largas horas de trabajo a tu lado.... “Grapadora”, “Lavadora”, “Secadora”, “Exploradora” y por encima de todo,❤ “SWEET DORA” ❤, echaremos de menos tu alegría y esperamos verte de nuevo por la isla...Te deseamos grandes logros personales y profesionales; y, hagas lo que hagas y por muchas vueltas que de la vida, recuerda: “Siempre nos quedará R” (Tú sabes…) "
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"THURSDAY STORY, Dora from Hungary is doing an exchange program with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in Tenerife. Her host company is located in Santa Cruz. At the end of this program, she is planning to establish her own digital marketing business, focusing on the Spanish and Hungarian markets. Digital marketing is her passion, and Tenerife has endless opportunities to work remotely. "If you are a freelancer or digital nomad, you have plenty of choices to do your work from different coworking spaces" - she thinks. Dora has chosen Tenerife for her program because of the positive attitude of people, so it is easy to learn from each other....Thank you for sharing your story with us! "
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