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Fight against breast cancer – Race For the Cure 2020

The Race For The Cure #TRFC2020 is the biggest walk and running event in the fight against breast cancer, which is organized by Think Pink Europe. If you want to know when is the race and how to support women’s health care in Europe, keep reading!

The Walk for Life

The Walk for Life (Carrera por la vida) foundation is located in Tenerife, and it aims to raise the awareness of early detection of breast cancer. The foundation was established for more than 15 years. Year by year they started to organize races which brought together thousands of people in support fights against breast cancer. Four years before they had become a charity organization thanks to the popularity of the events.

Nowadays, The Walk for Life is a well-know charitable event, in Tenerife where the participants celebrate life, demand treatment for breast cancer, honor those who passed away, and raise funds together. Besides the yearly organized sports events, their main goal is to support those who are affected by breast cancer, by special therapeutic wear, funding projects, and collaboration partners, training and workshops as well. 

I had the chance to do the walk in 2019 together with more than 5000 people. It was a pleasure to participate in such a wonderful solidarity event, which is the biggest movement in the southern region of Tenerife. The funds raised were distributed for different projects such as Brac gene research and therapeutic bras.  

Think Pink Europe

You can find similar walks and running events around Europe. The biggest organization which is fighting against breast cancer is called Think Pink Europe. It was founded by 5 organizations, and for today they have more than 25 members, as well as The Walk For Life (Carrera por La Vida). You can apply for being a community member with your breast cancer organization, clinic, or NGO. The Race for the Cure #RFC is Europe’s biggest sporting event for women’s health. Think Pink Europe has announced 30 races with 300,000 participants in 22 different countries around Europe. Of course next to COVID-19 it is impossible to do that walk or the run in a traditional way. Therefore this crisis has inspired the organization to take Race for the Cure to the next level, which means that they invite everyone to participate in the digital Race for the Cure!

Walk for Life (Carrera por La Vida) 2019

Digital Race for The Cure

Do your walk or run in your neighborhoods and connect on Social Media with thousands of people all over Europe. Go wherever your feet take you, you can even run in the gym as well, keeping in mind the corona guidelines of your country. Besides this year Walk for Life Foundation is the organization, which promotes the Race for the Cure in Spain. The unique digital race is on the following days 25th, 26th, and 27th of September

How to apply?

The registration period for the digital race has already started on the 15th of July. You just need to fill in a simple form on the website of  Walk for Life (Carrera Por La Vida) organizations You can make your donation by choosing from different organizations. Each country has a representative organization, which tries to collect the highest number of participants. This challenge is made because the number of applicants will be translated to the highest amount of funds raised, so they can contribute the projects and actions they maintain and support. 

Big pink online buzz

Our Social Media platforms become means to unit Europe to raise funds and give visibility to our fight. Besides you can obtain your runner bib to join the digital race which hopefully will be the world’s largest digital event in supporting breast cancer affected people. Share your workouts, pink outfits, preparations, connect on Social Media, use the following hashtag #RFTC2020, and inspire other people to participate. Share the fun, keep moving, and support women’s health care in Europe!

If you want to be a part of this magical race don`t forget to register before the 25th of September. This year “We walk with our heart” Brigitte Gypen the president of The Walk for the Life (Carrera por La Vida).

Let’s make a buzzing pink digital race together in Europe!

23. 09. 2020.

Tenerife, Canary Island Spain

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